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Live Divider Plus 3

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Live Divider Plus 3

LiveDivider PLUS, the new version of LiveDivider, is a modular green room divider. This unique system allows modules with interchangeable cassettes that serve as planters to be stacked on top of each other as you wish. This creates more freedom for the flexible division of spaces while surrounding people with greenery. Remote working and flexible workstations have become the new standard in the design and refurbishment of offices. After all, offices today are serving more and more as places where employees come to meet with one another in an inspirational environment where they feel at ease. Plants make a valuable contribution to such an environment.


Privacy and distance with the green room divider

The LiveDivider PLUS makes it easy to arrange and divide large spaces exactly as you want them. This is precisely what makes this room divider so well suited for use in offices, waiting rooms, hotels, public buildings and more. This plant room divider is also an ideal solution for defining pedestrian routes for social distancing. Plants enhance the space for the well-being of employees and visitors. LiveDivider PLUS creates more privacy and distance while retaining the open aspect of a given space. The system consists of individual modules made of steel with interchangeable cassettes that serve as planters. Plants can be interchanged to adapt to the season, theme or a specific occasion.

Designer furniture for any office

The modern and timeless room divider is made of high quality, powder-coated steel. Its streamlined design and sleek lines make a genuinely impressive green statement in any interior. The modules are installed on a solid base plate. A watering system with a tank is incorporated into each module. This ensures that the plants are supplied with the right amount of water and plant food for up to six weeks. LiveDivider PLUS does not require any electricity, pumps or drainage systems and can therefore be installed in many different places.

Benefits of LiveDivider PLUS

  • A simple and sustainable way to divide spaces
  • Improves acoustics and dampens sound
  • Improves the indoor climate and air quality
  • Improves concentration, productivity and general well-being, reducing stress
  • Takes up little space

Unique features LiveDivider PLUS

  • Modular and multi-applicable
  • Maintains water supply for 4-6 weeks, with water level gauge
  • Sustainably reusable and fully recyclable
  • No electricity, pump or water drainage required
  • Low maintenance
  • High-quality design
  • Free-standing with plants on both sides
  • Interchangeable planter cassettes with space for different types of plants

Technical information:

The dimensions of the LiveDivider PLUS 3 are (w x h x d):

LiveDivider PLUS 3: 112 x 180.5 x 19 cm

WEIGHT(without water and plants):

 LiveDivider PLUS 3: 94.6 kg


Plants are not included 

Type: Live Picture