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ANS GrufeKit

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The ANS GrufeKit

The simple installation process means nearly anyone can install which can save sub-contracting costs.

The GrufeTiles arrive at the site pre-grown and fully acclimatised. With no roll out of carpet or planting of sedum plugs required like traditional green roof systems, the GrufeKit provides instant impact.

Sedum is a hardy low-growing evergreen plant that requires little to no maintenance and is the foundation of our green roof system.

A GrufeKit green roof requires no irrigation system, making it simple but effective.


Key Facts

  • Compressive strength 2'000 Kg/m2

  • Water holding capacity of 20 litres/m2

  • UV resistant

  • Temperature range -50°C - 80°C

  • Carrier material 100% Regenerated

  • Polypropylene (PP)

  • Carrier measures 540 x 540 x 90mm

  • Drainage Surface 318 cm2/m2

  • Outflow Volume 40 l/m2

  • Saturated weight: Sedum 65kg/m2,

Type: Green Roof