DIY Living walls

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Install a premade living wall

If you’re looking for a living wall that is quick and easy to install, a DIY living wall could be the solution. The LivePanel PACK comes in four standard sizes and can be self-installed indoors or outdoors. Find out more below.

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What is the LivePanel PACK?

The LivePanel PACK is an all-in-one living wall package. It comes pre-made and is ideal for individual rooms, spaces with smaller wall surfaces or window displays. Its features include:

  • Interchangeable plant cassettes 
  • Easy manual watering
  • No electricity, pump or drainage required
  • Zero waste
  • Space saving
Mobilane LivePanel PACK four Sizes

Benefits of a DIY living wall

As the LivePanel PACKS are not made bespoke, you can enjoy quicker delivery and installation than with an interior or exterior living wall. Other benefits include:

  • Ideal for smaller rooms or spaces
  • Improved air purity
  • Insulating and sound-dampening effects
  • Increased concentration and overall well-being
  • Aesthetically pleasing display


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