Customised Moss Projects

Moss Clock

Velvet moss sculpted into bespoke designs

If you want to create a customised moss display for your office or professional space, our team of botanical experts and designers can help you to bring your vision to life. Discover more about customised moss art projects below.


Moss art  


Why choose a customised moss project?

You might want to bring your company’s logo to life with greenery. Or you might love the idea of a customised moss display but aren’t sure how to achieve it. Either way, we’ll help you build a customised display that can have the following features:  
  • A choice of three mosses (bun moss, reindeer moss or flat moss)
  • Over 20 additional colour-dyed mosses and lichens
  • Additional preserved plants, branches or stones
  • Expert guidance on design
  • Zero maintenance required

Our mosses

In vibrant hues that add a glorious burst of colour, our mosses can be sculpted into various designs and shapes to achieve a unique feature for your office. Learn more about our mosses below.  

Bun moss

Tight-leaf moss which has a raised appearance (unlike reindeer or flat moss). Bun moss is great for achieving a 3D effect.  


Reindeer moss

A looser type of moss with a springy feel. Also known as reindeer lichen, it gives more of a bushy effect to displays. 

Flat moss

One of the most common types of moss, flat moss provides a solid, flat green base without a deep 3D effect.  


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