The Biodiversity Pack

 An innovative green roof system

Urban spaces are often lacking in greenery and offer poor living environments for wildlife. Making use of untouched spaces with a green roof system can create a wonderful habitat for birds, bees, butterflies and other insects. Discover what else The Biodiversity Pack can do below.

Biodiversity Greenroof

Why choose The Biodiversity Pack?

The Biodiversity Pack was created in cooperation with the Dutch Butterfly Conservation Foundation to offer greater biodiversity on more extensive roofs with a pitch of no more than 10 degrees. Features include:

  • A biodiverse roof garden substrate including sand, gravel, boulders and logs
  • A varied plant selection of perennials, herbs and grasses 
  • Coverage of roof areas of 6 m² or more
  • Delivery on a pallet
  • Instructions for DIY installation

A professional survey should be carried out on any roof before installing any green roofing system. Future ECOsystems takes no responsibility for DIY installations.

What are the benefits of The Biodiversity Pack?

This living green roof system will thrive in all weather conditions and grow over time. Key benefits include:

  • A variety of host plants to support caterpillars and insects
  • Oak logs as a nesting places for bees
  • Deep substrate layers for butterflies to pupate in
  • Protects existing roof waterproofing

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