Why use the GrufeKit?

GrufeKit Green Roof

Efficient Installation

The simple install process means nearly anyone can install which can save sub-contracting costs.

Fully Established

The GrufeTiles arrive to site pre-grown and fully acclimatised. With no roll out of carpet or planting of sedum plugs required like traditional green roof systems, the GrufeKit provides instant impact.

Grufekit Green roof


Low Maintenance

Sedum is a hardy low-growing evergreen plant that require little to no maintenance and is the foundation of our green roof system.


Rather than having a view of grey waterproofing which can be an eyesore, installing a living green roof will bring the garden closer with low maintenance.

Easy Self-install

Gone are the days of green roof installation being a specialist trade. Using the simple ANS GrufeKit system, any roofer or DIY self-builder can add a green roof to their project without the need for a costly installation team. Roofers that know how to install any flat roofing system can now add green roofs to their portfolio of skills.

Fast Delivery

When you need a green roof quickly you can rely on our fast delivery service. Our green roof kit can be on site in 2-3 days for any order but we can often achieve a next day service.


Environmental benefits

Air Quality

Lack of plants in urban areas leads to a concentration in polluted air. Due to high property values limited space is available for plants and nature to take a foothold. Roofs are normally wasted spaces however, seldom accessed and often ignored, they offer an ideal space to incorporate plants into the built environment helping to purify the air and absorb polluting particulates. Changing one roof to a green roof in a city may have limited impact, however if green roofs became an accepted part of building practice the impact on air quality in cities could be huge.


With the prevalence of concrete, steel and glass in cities, nature is confined to small pockets of green space. Vast areas of roof space are left bare. By adding green roofs and wildflower roofs in cities we can massively increase the habitats available to birds, bees, butterflies and insects. Specific plant mixes can be planted to bring local plants back to the environment and other features such as log piles, rocks, bird baths, insect hotels and bee hives can be included to boost the ecological impact of the green roof.

 Happy Bee GrufeKit

Structural benefits

No Irrigation

A GrufeKit green roof requires no irrigation system, making it simple but effective.

Structural Protection

Most flat roof waterproof membranes will come with a guarantee for a number of years, however this is limited due to the membrane breaking down from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, acidic rain, puddling and freeze thaw weathering where water that sits in puddles on the roof freezes and expand breaking down the roof membrane. By installing a green roof these weaknesses are mitigated, the plants absorb the sun’s rays and use them to grow rather than letting them break down the waterproofing beneath.

Sound Insulation

While the sound of rain drumming on the roof might add atmosphere in storybooks, it can be an unwelcome distraction in offices and homes. Other sounds such as passing aircraft can be an annoyance coming from above a building. Adding a green roof to your property can help absorb these sounds and provide a quieter environment inside the building. The layer of soil and plants can reflect and absorb up to 30% of noise pollution.

Temperature Regulation

As our green roof modules retain rainwater they have a cooling effect and the plants absorb the sun’s rays keeping the building cooler. In winter the plants also keep the building warmer preventing snow and ice from building up on the waterproof membrane.

Rainwater Retention

Green roofs are a type of natural flood management. In urban areas roofs make up large areas of hard standing and runoff can be huge. The plants on a green roof use up a small amount of water, however the substrate (soil) beneath them will soak up a significant amount of water. The saturated soil will slowly release water off the roof, but the green roof slows the process down reducing the risk of a flash flood. A green roof can retain around 75% of the runoff in summer. Green roofs alone would not prevent flooding. However as part of a wider rainwater management scheme they can be a useful contribution.