Exterior living walls

Stunning vertical gardens for your building


Exterior living walls, also known as vertical gardens or green walls, live on the outside walls of buildings and are diversified with greenery. As structures vary from building to building, the opportunities to create bespoke living walls are endless. Read on to discover their benefits and how you can bring your vision to life with Future ECOsystems.


Exterior Living Wall

Creating a bespoke display for your building

Our modular system allows us to be creative with the design of your vertical garden and each of our designs encourages root mitigation so that plants can grow healthily. Other features include:

  • Dense coverage with 96 plants per m2
  • Highest possible fire rating for a living wall
  • Alternative rain-screen cladding 
  • Natural substrate for a broader selection of plants


          What are the benefits of vertical gardens?

          We’ll work with you to design a bespoke vertical garden that meets your project’s objectives. And whatever the resulting look and feel, you’ll enjoy brilliant benefits:  
          • Improved air quality in urban spaces
          • Nectar that helps biodiversity
          • Shelter for birds and insects
          • Compliance with green infrastructure requirements
          • An aesthetically pleasing display

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