Exterior living walls

Long-term environmental assets that actively improve biodiversity and air quality

Solving regulatory challenges with organic living walls

 Exterior Living Wall

Benefits of Exterior Living Walls

Regulation & Planning

Living walls can aid compliance with regulatory requirements surrounding green infrastructure, such as UGF, BNG and local government policies.


Bring significant biodiverse value with native planting and varieties that provide sources of nectar. Plant palettes are tailored specifically to meet the project objectives.

Air Purification

Plants clean the air through the process of photosynthesis, whilst soil assists in capture of particulate matter. Flexibility with plant selection gives us maximum opportunity to select species that hold air purification properties.

Investment Value

Biophilia proves that people are drawn to spaces with natural features, which in turn returns the value of investment, and creates stronger future investment opportunities.

Did you know that 1 m² of plant cover traps 130g of dust per year?

 University of Leicester

Why the ANS Exterior Living Wall

Improved biodiversity

Using a natural substrate means we have greater flexibility in plant selection, allowing for native species, pollinator planting and sources of nectar. This creates a habitat for bees, burrowing insects and encourages natural colonisation, and enables BNG targets to be met.

Dense coverage & design flexibility

Our modular system gives us huge scope for creative design and ensures dense coverage with 96 plants per m2. Designed to allow root migration, this means the plants can grow healthily with a longer lifespan.

Top fire rating

We’ve achieved the highest possible fire rating for a living wall, which means our living wall system can be integrated into nearly all buildings. Take a look at our guide in our Reports section which makes the regulations around fire and greenery a lot clearer.

Rain-screen cladding

Fixed to the structure, the ANS Living Wall can be used as alternative rainscreen cladding, integrated into the build and reducing costs from doubling up on facade materials.

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