Nordgröna Moss

Beautiful displays made with natural materials

Create extraordinary features in your workplace with Nordgröna Moss products. Made from Scandinavian reindeer moss, cork and other natural materials, each can be built up or kept as standalone features to add a pop of greenery or other standout colours to your walls and ceilings.


Pixel Moss Wall



Which Nordgröna Moss product should I choose?

All Nordgröna Moss products are 100% natural, sustainable and long-lasting. Shop Nordgröna Moss products below.



ConvexThis captivatingly beautiful, versatile panel is both an effective sound absorber and a friendly presence in the workplace.
Four different types of moss tiles in various shapes: square, circle, squircle and hexagon. Using Scandinavian reindeer moss, these buildable tiles make brilliant wall features for offices.

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PixelA spectacle of colour, a calming sea of green, or a cat portrait? If you can imagine it, Pixel can do it.

5 x 5 cm moss cubes that can be built up to create stunning displays in even the smallest of rooms. In over 10 colours, they can help to absorb noise and require no maintenance.

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CeilingTurn your suspended ceiling into a fascinatingly beautiful, sound absorbing surface. 

Add vibrant greenery and depth to your workplace with moss ceiling tiles that can replace standard tiles. Choose from three sizes and over 10 colourways to create an eye-catching feature.

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Interior Design Magazine 2020 Best of Year winner

SagaThis award-winning, fairy taily cork wall covering makes for some epic acoustic notice boards!

Beautiful 100% cork tiles that come in a variety of shapes and can be built out into stunning wall features. Cork can double up as a noticeboard while adding even more depth to your office.

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