Interior living walls

Biophilic internal landscapes that improve health, well-being and productivity

Restoring our innate human connection to nature

Benefits of an Interior Living Wall

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Health & Wellbeing

Workspace design has a direct effect on employee well-being, with people working in an environment with nature present being 12% more productive and less stressed.

Investment Value

Biophilia proves that people are drawn to spaces with natural features, which returns the value of investment, and creates stronger future investment opportunities.

Air Purification

Plants do the opposite to humans: they absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen through photosynthesis. A natural substrate boosts this by capturing particulate matter.

Achieving Building Standards

With on-going benefits for the building and occupants, natural sustainable living walls support building standards such as BREEAM and WELL.

Did you know that people working in an environment with plants were 8% more efficient and 12% more productive, less stressed, and rates of well-being increased by 15%?


Why the ANS Interior Living Wall

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Design flexibility

We have greater scope for design as soil is the natural medium in which most plants grow, therefore there are many species for us to choose from. We can incorporate patterns, textures, 3D effects and different colours to achieve maximum visual impact.

Organic treatment

We do not use harmful chemicals to keep our living walls healthy. This means no toxic run-off and a naturally flourishing installation with minimal intervention.

Improved air quality

Using natural soil means we have a larger plant range to select from. This affords us the opportunity to specifically select plant species with air purification benefits to create a feature that has measurable impacts on the air quality.

Minimal water usage

Soil naturally retains moisture, which means the living wall does not need constant feeding in order to stay healthy, and we are able to save on water usage. 

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