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ANS Sedum GrufeKit

A low maintenance plug-and-play roof kit that has an instant visual impact.

Unlike traditional green roof systems that require specialist design and installation, the GrufeKit comes as a modular tile that can be easily rolled out on your rooftop.

Sedum is a hardy low-growing evergreen plant that requires little to no maintenance and is the foundation of our green roof system. A GrufeKit green roof requires no irrigation system, making it simple but effective. 

  • Easy to install yourself
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Protects existing roof waterproofing
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Pre-made tiles for quick delivery (3-4 days)


 Compressive strength 2'000 Kilograms/m2
Water holding capacity 20 litres/m2
UV Resistant Yes
Temperature range -50°C to 80°C
Carrier material 100% Regenerated Polypropylene
Carrier size 540 x 540 x 90mm
Drainage surface  318 cm2/m2
Outflow volume 40 Litres/m2
Saturated weight (sedum) 65 Kilograms/m2



GrufeKit Product Specifications
GrufeKit Installation Guide
GrufeKit Maintenance Guide

A professional survey should be carried out on any roof before installing any green roofing system. Future ECOsystems takes no responsibility for DIY installations.

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