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Nordgröna Pixel Framed

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Oak-framed reindeer moss in a design of your choice. Filled with natural, hand-picked Scandinavian reindeer moss. Oh, and its sound absorbing too!


A True Art Piece

Probably the easiest way to make a unique creation with reindeer moss. Simply select one of our standard designs, or create one of your own. We will assemble your artwork by hand, frame it in oak-wood, and deliver it ready-to-install.

The naturally grown reindeer moss stays soft by regulating its own humidity year-round and requires no maintenance at all – no watering, no trimming, no sunlight.




A PIXEL Framed Single-colour contains just one of our 15 different colours. Plain and simple.

Tip: Combine different PIXEL Framed in different colours!



A PIXEL Framed Multi-colour allows for different colours used together.

Select a design from our templates, or create your very own!



Natural & Authentic

Made from natural and authentic reindeer moss.

High-class sound absorber

Highly effective at reducing noise levels.

Environmentally friendly

Hand-picked with care for nature. Certified by ISO 9001 & 14001.


Does not contain any common allergens.


Class A material rating (ASTM-E 84).


Does not require any sunlight, watering or pruning.



Name & Outer Dimensions Article ID Weight
PIXEL Framed reindeer moss 60 x 75 cm  FR-RM-60x75 6kg
PIXEL Framed reindeer moss 60 x 75 cm - Custom design FR-RM-60x75-C
PIXEL Framed reindeer moss 90 x 75 cm  FR-RM-90x75 9kg
PIXEL Framed reindeer moss 90 x 75 cm - Custom design FR-RM-90x75-C
PIXEL Framed reindeer moss 120 x 75 cm FR-RM-120x75 12kg
PIXEL Framed reindeer moss 120 x 75 cm - Custom design FR-RM-120x75-C


Want to discuss your idea for a customised moss display? Get in touch for a personalised quote.