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Place 'n Go Sedumtray

Instant Green Roofing

Unlike the Click ‘n go Sedumtray which is joinable to create larger sedum roof features, the Place ’n go® Sedumtray is an individual tile which makes it ideal for smaller spaces. Each tile is 50 x 50 cm and can be used on flat or gently sloping roofs.

Features include:

  • Easy installation; simply place the tray in its desired spot
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Pre-made tiles for quick delivery (3-4 days)

A professional survey should be carried out on any roof before installing any green roofing system. Future ECOsystems takes no responsibility for DIY installations.


The Place N' Go® Sedumtray is a lightweight moulded foam container made of recycled polyurethane. The bottom side of the tray is provided with a drainage layer that ensures the discharge of rainwater. The pre-cultivated tray comprises six to eight different species of Sedum. The Sedum plants grow on a special substrate developed by Sempergreen. The Sedum tray boasts at least 95% coverage upon delivery. The sebace­ous Sedum plants are adept at storing water in their leaves and are therefore extremely suitable for varying weather conditions.

Delivery and installation

The Place N' Go® Sedumtray can be ordered by piece. Each tray measures 50 x 50 cm. This tray is applicable on flat and slightly sloping surfaces of up to 15 degrees. These lightweight trays are very easy to install. The Sedum trays can be placed directly onto the roof by placing them next to each other.



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